Week 10

The incredible week 10 brings the current “average” up to 6.4 bands per week, which is almost one awesome band discovered per day. This week includes yet more delightfully happy indie, the circus, a car crash and more bands that slip under the radar.


And it’s delightfully happy indie that we start with, the Brisbane band that won rage’s ‘Indie Of The Week’ segment, Ball Park Music are heart jumpingly, feet tappingly joyful. With upbeat and fast paced piano and guitar riffs, and a lead singer who can only be described as quirky they have all the right moves to produce brilliantly fun pop music. Here is Sea Strangers (I Don’t Really Know You):


kid sam

Kid Sam are a Melbourne based alternative rock duet, and their music is characterised by a heavy percussion influence, distorted guitar, and lazy droning vocals. The end result is a pretty weird experience, very stripped down and simple but also enjoyable to the right listener. You’ll have to make your own mind up on this one, and here is We’re Mostly made Of Water:



These guys are the first pick of the night. They are a Melbourne based trio, with one of the best band names I’ve heard in a while, Damn The Maps. They play alternative rock, and the exact style of their music is hard to describe, you’ll have to listen for yourself. I have a strange feeling about these guys…There’s something I can’t explain about their music that keeps me listening, and coming back for more. I felt the same thing when I first heard Cotton Sidewalk, and 272 plays in a month tell a very impressive story. Without any more inane rambling, here is Stare At The Screen:



“Snog is a band formed by Australian musician David Thrussell, along with Tim McGrath and Julia Bourke, in 1988. The band’s music is a fusion of many different styles, including industrial, techno, ambient, experimental and even some country music and funk.” However the song I heard was purely an ambient, mellow ballad. And here it is, This World (Done Me Wrong):



Owen Pallett is a Canadian singer, composer and violinist, who makes beautiful pop music. The combination of his slightly high pitched, echoing voice and the innovative use of the violins make the music more than enjoyable. He implements his strings in such a way that it sounds new and fresh, just like modern pop music should be. The video you are about to see I can only describe as strange. The music is brilliant though. Here is Lewis Takes off His Shirt:



Another Canadian, Melissa Auf Der Maur is probably most famous for being a member of the band Hole, but the song I bring to you is a new one from her solo career, and it’s absolutely fantastic. It is good old fashioned rock in it’s finest, heavy on the bass, which is a style I’ve been warming to a lot recently and with a loud, clear voice perfectly suited for bringing the house down. Here is Out Of Our Minds:



Carney are an alternative rock band from Los Angeles. The circus theme ends only in two members’ last name and their videos. The music is pure, powerful guitar and drum driven rock. Reeve’s throaty and gritty vocals enforce the theme of force over finesse, yet they still manage to pull together some nice harmonies at an energetic pace. Here is Love Me Chase Me:



Georgia Fields is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter, who sings acoustic pop ballads. Although the songs (and her face) are as pretty as one Lisa Mitchell’s, there is a sense of depth there, that many similar pop singers lack. A sense that it’s not entirely fun and games, and she’s worked hard to write these melodies. A sense that she’s a serious songwriter, and puts her heart into her music. And that is why she’s my second pick of the night, why I’ll be buying her album and why I can see a vague resemblance to one Sarah Blasko. Here is Something Borrowed, Something Blue:



Bonjah are a formerly New Zealandish, currently Melbourne based (We stole them! :D) rock band. They play bass and guitar prominent rock similar to one Powderfinger. Only they concentrate more on melody and harmony than rockin’ riff, hence making them slightly softer and smoother edged. They are purely enjoyable, catchy, and easy to listen to rock n’ roll music! Here is Colours:


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