Week 11

Week 11 is here, and I bring another 8 bands with me, so here goes!


Little Scout are an indie band from Brisbane, who I describe as pop in the traditional sense. Beautiful vocal harmonies are their most powerful weapon, and coupled with feel good beats from the prominent guitar and drums, they certainly create an uplifting experience with their music.

Here is Shakes And Rattles:



With an enchanting voice, penchant for the accordion, drum beats and loop pedals, Melbourne musician Evelyn Morris (going by the stage name Pikelet) is something special. Listening is definitely a unique experience, some would call it strange, but I recommend it to everyone.

Here is Bug In Mouth:



The Antlers are perhaps my favourite band to come out of this journal. Their music is extremely beautiful, yet solemn and haunting. It’s a delightful melancholy of utter brilliance that sends shivers down my spine and never fails to render me speechless. With a voice that is high and soft, smooth and warm, Peter Silberman propels the band through a tragic, emotional ride full of piano and poetry.

And without further ado, here is Bear:



Folk singer Pave Leclair is a completely unknown singer from Sydney. He sings pop songs heavy on acoustic guitar and violin, portraying an ambient environment. And he does it beautifully, his ballads are slow paced and relaxing, making it very easy to be swept up in the beauty of the music.

Here is They Won’t Find Us Tonight:



Taken By Trees is the stage name of Victoria Bergsman, the former lead singer for Swedish greats The Concretes. The influence of producer Bjorn Yttling is immediately noticeable, and it’s a fine example of modern pop music.

The song in question is Lost & Found, and guest stars Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura) on vocals:


no age

No Age are quite a fun little indie band, with experimental tendencies. They’re noisy, guitar fueled rock, only adding small doses of distortion.

Here is Eraser:



Plushgun are an indie pop band from Brooklyn fronted by Dan Ingala. With delightfully upbeat and cute pop songs, they are a part of a growing movement towards cheery music, and the use of the ukelele accentuates that.

Here is Let Me Kiss You Now (And I’ll Fade Away)



The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are another band from New York, playing more upbeat indie rock. This time it’s in a more droning, noisy way, similar to Sonic Youth IMO.

Here is Everything With You:

And that concludes yet another incredible week of music!


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