Week 2

Week 2 of watching brought me a double header:

Jonathan Boulet

Jonathan Boulet is a very talented Australian musician, who forged his selftitled debut album out of his miniscule home studio. He wrote, recorded and produced the album, and played every instrument seperately for each song by himself. The result was positive though, as his first single, the folk-pop anthem A Public Service Announcement is being played on music TV channels and possibly even commercial radio as I speak.

And here is that very song, with an awesome video clip if I say so myself.


Monsters Of Folk

Monsters Of Folk are a folk rock supergroup, with the line up of Jim James, (My Morning Jacket) Conor Oberst, Mark Mogis (both from Bright Eyes) and Matthew Ward. (She and Him) The band was formed in 2004, but due to various solo work and playing for their respective bands, their selftitled debut album wasn’t released until last September. They recieved a good amount of both critical acclaim and commercial success for the album.

Here is the video for their first single, the one I heard on Rage.


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