Week 4

And it’s Triple J week! Rage decided to play a selection of songs from Triple J’s hottest 100 (Including Mumford & Sons twice!) as well as other independent and international artists. I managed to snap up six ripsnorters!

Starting with Australian solo artist Bertie Blackman:

Bertie Blackman

Bertie (Short for Beatrice) is a singer of great talent, and is the daughter of famous Australian artist Charles Blackman. She covers a variety of genres, although all of it is entwined with pop melodies. She has released three albums since 2004, and the song I heard was ‘Thump’ off her latest album ‘Secrets And Lies’ released in August of last year.


Next up is a band I’d heard the name of frequently, but had never actually heard any songs. Well I decided to give them a go, and discovered a brilliant psychadelic trio from Perth.

I am of course talking about Tame Impala:

Tame Impala

Formed in 2005 as The Dee Dee Dums, they rightfully changed their name in 2007, as well as getting two new members and switching from a drums/guitar/guitar format to drums/bass/guitar. This proved a good move, because in 2008 they signed with Modular and released two EP’s that year. They played this year’s Big Day Out, and will release their debut LP in a couple of months time. Here is Half Full Glass Of Wine:


Megan Washington

Megan Washington, and her fantastically creatively named band ‘Washington’ were my next find. Although she was born in Papua New Guinea, she spent most of her life in Australia so we’re claiming her as our own 😀

She started her career in Jazz, and released an EP with pianist Seam Foram in 2006. However she later moved away from Jazz, and played with artists such as Old Man River and Ben Lee. In 2008, Washington was formed, with the notable member Ryan Monro of The Cat Empire.

They have released two EP’s so far, the song I first heard was this one:


Deep Sea Arcade

Deep Sea Arcade are an up and coming psychadelic pop band from Sydney. With comparisons to The Beatles and The Kinks among others already in their short career, they appear to have all the right moves despite having no released records yet.

Here’s the song I heard:



Yeasayer are an experimental rock band from New York. They have two albums, 2007’s All Hour Cymbals and Odd Blood which was released 6 days ago. They co-produced Bat For Lashes’ brilliant second album Two Suns, and have recieved praise from fellow experimental band Animal Collective.

the song I heard was Ambling Alp.


sally seltmann

Sally Seltmann (formerly known as New Buffalo) is a singer from Melbourne. She has released two albums, and has a third coming, due for an April release. She sings delightful pop, and the song I heard was Harmony To My Heartbeat.

All in all this one has been a great week for music! 😀


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