Week 5

Week 5 was one hell of a night! I managed to scalp thirteen grand bands! And as a heads up, since there’s so many bands I found, I’ll only be copy and pasting appropriate descriptions, rather than writing my own as I usually do.

Starting from the top:


“The Snowdroppers are an old style good time family fun band, whose feel good tunes harken from a more innocent era. From the days when jitterbugging, speak easys and contracting cholera was all the rage.”

And the song I heard, Do The Stomp:



“Bridezilla are a five-piece indie band from Sydney, Australia that began playing together in 2005.

The band – Holiday Sidewinder, (daughter of singer-songwriter Loene Carmen), who also plays rhythm guitar on most tracks, Pia May, the band’s guitarist, Millie Hall, plays both the Saxophone and the keyboard, Daisy Tulley, plays the violin, and Josh Bush is the drummer.

In September 2007, the band signed with Ivy League Records and released their debut EP on 24 November 2007.”

And the song I heard:



“Heralding their own brand of blues infused rock, two-piece band The Fumes was born in 2004. Front man Steve Merry had just returned from a twelve month stay in the US learning the tricks of the trade from renowned bluesman Bob Brozman and was itching to show off his newly honed finger-picking and slide guitar skills. Enter drummer Joel Battersby (formerly of the Beautiful Girls) and the duo began gigging around Sydney.”

And the song I heard:



“With a lead singer who resembles James Blunt, a drummer who always seems to have about 5 inches of arse crack showing, a keyboardist who is downright riveting to watch and a bass player who has made a name for himself leading the band The Rumours – Foxx on Fire deliver the perfect mix of indie pop and electro rock.”

And the song I heard:


bon scotts

(I had a hard time finding a picture, as you may be able to tell from the name of the band!)

“The Bon Scotts have put their unique blend of eccentric song writing and charismatic instrumentation to tape. With unique hooks, found sounds and toe tapping rhythms, the catchy, playful and above all an honest album captures the energetic appetite of the five piece.”

And the song I heard:



“The Vasco Era burst onto the Australian music scene some five years ago in an arrival that was difficult to ignore. The noisy Apollo Bay natives presented a range of musical conundrums: a surf coast band fuelled by a furious racket; a three-piece that made as much noise as a whole festival; a band that seemingly ran alongside the other entrants in the new rock race and yet outran them all. The country sat up and took notice, and their 2006 debut, Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside, chronicled their journey to that point.”

And the song I heard:



“Sydney’s Hell City Glamours have been dolling out rock ‘n’ roll headaches of the good kind around Australia for the last seven years both as headliners and as support for some of the world’s biggest names, including Paul Stanley, Sebastian Bach, New York Dolls and many more.

Combining the swagger of the ‘Stones and Hanoi Rocks with punk energy and attitude has carved them a niche that’s hard to mimic.”

And the song I heard:



“After the demise of underground legends Dead Mood in fall 2006, nobody was surprised to hear that founders Fred and Toody Cole had lost little time in starting a new band. Pierced Arrows picks up, musically, where Dead Moon left off – a lo-fi assault on the senses played with the sincerity and feeling that made DM such a special band for all of their fans around the world.”

And the song I heard:


john meyer

“John Meyer* is one of Australia’s most intriguing and surprising artists. He combines pop, rock, folk and country flavours in unusual and delicious ways, leading to comparisons with artists like Neil Finn, Rufus Wainwright, Sufjan Stevens and Elvis Costello. Edged-out and left of centre, his music explores territory ranging from lovingly hand-crafted folky pop tunes through to dramatic, atmospheric rock – with a broad repertoire of arrangements that can be fine-tuned to suit a range of performance spaces.”

*Constantly confused with John Mayer

Here is the song I heard:



(Again had trouble finding a decent picture)

“Mahmood Khan represents an exclusive rare breed of singer/songwriters to emerge out of Asia who, amongst extreme difficulties, kept their art alive and dedicated a lifetime to celebrate the resilience and adaptibility of the human spirit. An experienced sound engineer, producer, writer, lyricist and performer, he has pioneered the fusion sound and has continually brought hope to his niche listeners around the world with his spiritual pop oriented songwriting and philosophy.”

And the song I heard:


cat power

“Chan Marshall stops time. She sits at a piano or lays her guitar across her lap, and whether it’s a noisy club overflowing with drunks or a coffee house full of laptoppers, Chan Marshall draws all the attention in the room and makes the world stop spinning. As Cat Power, Marshall’s music seems to rise from nowhere, envelop the room, then vanish; listeners know they’ve been hit by something but they’re not sure what.”

Decide for yourself after listening to Rage’s pick:



The next band of interest was Minnesotean rock band Tapes ‘n Tapes. Here’s an album review from Alternative Press:

“Refined, catchy rock ‘n’ roll menagerie…replete with jagged guitar, spicy melodies and superb rhythm section. Walk It Off has an air of nobility throughout….it’s rare to pull off an album this succinct and not invite boredom: it’s even rarer if it ****ing rocks.”

Here’s the song in question:



“TV on the Radio are an American band formed in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York, whose music spans through numerous diverse genres, from alternative rock and electro to free jazz and soul. The group has released several EPs including their debut Young Liars (2003), and three acclaimed albums: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004), Return to Cookie Mountain (2006), and Dear Science (2008).”

This song comes from Return To Cookie Mountain:


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