Week 6

Week 6 has arrived and what a week it was! Not only did numerous favourites from previous weeks pop up, there was a host of brilliant Australian indie as well! I managed another 6 bands that caught my attention, and a couple of those I like so much I plan to buy their CD’s!


“The Jezabels are a four piece band that formed after meeting at the University of Sydney, Australia. Their music is a blend of Pop, Disco and Indie Rock. Band members Heather Shannon (piano) and Hayley Mary (vocals) first began playing together in Byron Bay before moving to Sydney to attend university, where they met Nik Kaloper (drums) and Sam Lockwood (rhythm guitar) and formed the band. They have currently released 2 EPs, with social awareness as a key theme in their music.”

Here is Hurt Me:



So what does a massive Australian rock band who lost their lead singer to politics do when they’re bored? They team up with the Violent Femmes’ bassist and kick out a wicked surf rock instrumental, part of a debut album to be released in April.

Here is said wicked surf rock instrumental:



And we move from a supergroup to a ridiculously obscure group! The Rosie Burgess Trio are so unjustly unheard of, it boggles my brain. Three chicks playing delightful and occasionally humourous acoustic based music. You could practically imagine them as the female version of the JBT! :heheh: The vocals are fun, and with the flavour of a full on Aussie accent, it’s a real shame these gals are barely known.

Here is Stackhat:


jimmy hawk

“With a sound that could only be described as dream filled, Jimmy Hawk’s soulful melodies and swaggering charm has garnered him much enthusiasm” were the words posted to his Myspace page, and they couldn’t be truer. There’s something special about this man, and his glorious folk ballads speak for themselves.

Just like the leading single, Born On A Mountain:



The Leisure Society are a folk rock supergroup, the main member being Nick Hemming, the founding member of 90’s group She Talks To Angels. Using mainly classical instruments, the sound is wonderfully crafted, and they never manage to be boring. I would compare them to Mumford & Sons, only softer and slower, but no less incredible sounding.

Listen for yourself:



About as known as Rosie Burgess Trio, Cotton Sidewalk are an Australian rock band who have been active for over 10 years, playing in pubs around Newcastle and Melbourne. They have managed to record 3 albums of heartfelt, emotional pop rock, the likes of which would make Coldplay swoon. I am taken to another world when listening, and I hope you are too.


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