Week 7

Week 7 is yet another incredible week of music. Eleven bands and singers caught my attention, and that’s not including the little known of bands I’ve already heard of, and many songs repeated from previous weeks. A truly sensational show!


“Dappled Cities are a five-piece indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their music has been described as art rock or experimental pop. Their guitar-based songs typically combine melodies with the complex time signatures and tempo changes associated with post rock. Occasional falsetto vocals and the use of effects pedals (delay in particular) are also characteristic of their sound.”

They may be tagged as art rock and experimental, but Dappled Cities are as easy to listen to as any indie pop band knocking about, and for that alone they are commendable in my books. Although admittedly I had heard about them before listening on rage, I like them so much I had to post them here. The song I heard was ‘Miniature Alas’



Jamie T is an english singer/songwriter who’s music transcends many genres. He has one album released, and another due to be released on the 14th of this month. The song I heard was pure acoustic indie, and it’s called ‘Emily’s Heart’



Chase And Status are often described as an electronic/drum & bass band, the song I heard from them has those elements in it, but is mainly rock n’ roll orientated. And it is also pure emotion, and the video more than accentuates that. It is also featuring the rapper Plan B, who I am listening to now, and I have to admit he is the best rapper I’ve ever heard. He did all the vocals in the Chase And Status video, and he sang them bloody well. And without further ado, the video for ‘End Credits’



Mercury White I found from rage’s ‘Indie Clip Of The Week’ feature, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. A description from their Myspace page: “Taking influence from the likes of The Killers, Muse, Arcade Fire and the Kaiser Chiefs, Mercury White fuse catchy choruses, hypnotic riffs and intricate beats into a fresh injection of energetic Indie Pop Rock.”

The song I heard was Sticks And Stones:



Frightened Rabbit are a Scottish indie-rock band, who have released three LP’s since 2003. They are known for their expressive approach to music, their powerful live shows and their wonderful album art and music videos. The song I heard was ‘Nothing Like You’



The Shiny Brights are a first for this journal, I would believe they’re the first band from Adelaide that I’ve posted. So kudos to these guys, who’s lead singer is a dead ringer for Marcus Mumford (Mumford & Sons) and will later be touring with fellow Adelaide band Jimmy And The Mirrors, supporting the previously posted The Vasco Era and the up and coming Melbournians Philadelphia Grand Jury.

Enough of that, and more about their music. They deal in infectious, contagious and energetic pop, with plenty of guitar riffs and quality rock vocals; they’re guaranteed to get your feet moving, if you don’t fall in love first. The song I heard was ‘Take No More’

Also, they completely and hilariously suck at air guitar.

katie noo

Katie Noonan and her backing band The Captains are the pick of the night. With a voice so clear and powerful, it’s no wonder I’m slotting this song in the rock opera category, despite what anyone else says. This truly is sheer sea shanty inspired brilliance, and I think Katie has a big future in music. The epic in question is called ‘Page One’



The very generically named band Spoon, are an alternative indie band from Texas. They were founded in 1994 and have 7 albums released to date. Their sound is quite gritty, quite like The Mess Hall, but with less emphasis on bass and distorted guitar, creating a slightly more commercial result. The song I heard was ‘Written In Reverse’:


joe gid

Joe Gideon And The Shark are a band that every White Stripes fan needs to listen to. They are very similar and yet very different to them. the comparison was always going to be made, with a female drummer and a male singer and guitarist playing grungy hard hitting rock songs. But where they differ to The Stripes, is by being weird ass bastards! And it works for them so well, it’s scary, in a good way. the incredible song I heard was DOL:



Emily George is an unsigned singer from Sydney. She is so completely unheard of, that the above picture is a screenshot I took from the only video of her on Youtube. And once again, it is completely unjustified. She sings acoustic pop ballads, almost reminiscent of some tracks from Sarah Blasko’s WTSWTSWH. her voice is one of beauty, and fits perfectly for the warm sounds of acoustic instruments.

And here is said video, the song is called ‘Metropolis’:



The Drones are an Australian rock group who rose to prominence during the early 2000s. They are influenced by an eclectic bunch of bands, and the end result is a classic rock/blues infusion. After releasing their debut album in 2002, they produced four more in the next 6 years, as well as two live albums.

The song I heard was Shark Fin Blues:


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