Week 8

Week 8 is here is here and none of us are getting any younger, so let’s get cracking! 😀

bright yellow

Bright Yellow are a Sydney based rock n’ roll trio. Their music is honest, raw and very likeable. True blue solid rock!

Here is Good Question:



Where ridiculously upbeat pop, all the campness of the 80’s, a beautiful voice and a hula hoop combine, you’ll find She & Him, the American duet of Zooey Deschanel and Matthew Ward. The music is so warm and happy, it’s impossible not to at least smile while listening to it, if you’re not yet jumping for joy that is!



Floridan indie rock band Surfer Blood would be just another catchy riff indie band if it weren’t for two defining standouts. Those being the vocalist, who sounds like he came straight out of an 80’s new wave band, which is convenient since I LOVE new wave! :heheh: And the drummer, who single handedly gives the band another dimension. The percussion is heard above anything else, which is scarce in modern bands and refreshing to hear!

Here is Swim:



New Yorker psychadelic pop band Suckers are difficult to describe. All that really matters though is the music, which is awesome. The bass is the standout this time, and it definitely makes it pretty funky. The chanting vocals are very easy on the ear, making the sheer strangeness of the band easier to digest. They may not be for everyone, but they’re definitely for me! 😀

Here is Easy Chairs, which has another quite awesome video clip:



I’ll bet you’re expecting an artsy experimental band from seeing that photo but you’d be wrong. Hard hitting indie rock anthems are the go, vocal harmonies and noise are the tools! Here is Light It Up:



Singer/songwriter Zee Avi writes beautiful acoustic ballads, with a voice reminiscent of Lisa Mitchell only clearer. And that’s not the only similarity, because Zee’s songs have all the cuteness and beauty of Lisa’s too. And here is Bitter Heart:


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