Week 9

Week 9 was a week of quality. 7 fantastic independent bands, including one of the best video clips I’ve ever seen, a female drummer that rocks harder than Megan Washington, more glorious indie rock riffing and a woman who wears abstract art on her face. A grand night indeed!

local natives

Firstly, is Local Natives, an L.A based indie rock band. They’re another user of the building up technique that I so love from indie bands. With long drawn vocals, piano aplenty and a strong drum beat, their song ‘Airplanes’ really does take you up high in the sky:



Archie Bronson Outfit are an english rock band who make use of heavy noise, echoing vocals and elements of space rock. And the space theme is definitely relevant in their video for Shark’s Tooth, one of the best I’ve seen:


i heart

They may seem placid in that photo, but Brisbaneans I Heart Hiroshima are one rockin’ indie band. Susie Patten is an absolute beast behind the drums, and for that reason she more than makes up for the lack of a bassist. All the warmth and rythym usually plodded in the background have been replaced by thumping foot drum beats, and it works fantastically. Not to mention her voice being as shouty as her drumwork, but it’s not over the top and it fits in like a dream. The dual guitarists make the experience even more enjoyable, with infectious riffs and chanting back up vocals. They are one of my two favourites from the night, and here is ‘River’:



The Vaudeville Smash are an indie pop band from Melbourne, with influences from Disco and Funk. They have all the upbeat sounds and catchy riffs to lift spirits, but the thing that caught my attention is not only the hilarious video clip, but how it seems to take the best from disco, the best from pop, and all the energy of a 3 days confined kelpie to form a musical cocktail of over the top happiness. If you’re not barfing from the cuteness by the end of the song then you listened to it wrong!

Here is ‘Hey’:


go/no go

Sydney indie rockers Go/No Go are similar to Cotton Sidewalk in one respect, they play great music for little, if any recognition. Making good use of keyboards in an almost new wave way, but retaining their indie rock base with classic echoing guitar riffs. All in all, they’re a solid band worthy of higher honours. Here is ‘Catching Up With You’:



Beautiful, etherial, weird and abstract, it holds your attention until the very end. Those are just a few phrases to describe Melbourne based singer Jess Harlen’s art. If there is a true meaning of soul music, this is it, because the soul is directly where it goes to. This is truly some of the prettiest, loveliest music I’ve heard, and the fact that it’s hypnotic and addictive too is simply awe inspiring. My serving suggestion is listening at night on medium volume. Here is ‘I Go’:



Jaggery are a Boston based art rock/experimental band, who use a variety of classical instruments in a rock n’ roll style. The piano and Mali Sastri’s chanting voice are most prominent, but other main instruments inclue cello, harp and violin. They manage to pull it off well, creating quite a unique sound in the process!

Here is ‘O Scorpio’:


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