Week 12

Another 5 bands, this week had a focus on the delightfully obscure, which doesn’t make this journal any easier, but certainly makes it more satisfying to know these great bands are hiding out there in the unknown.


And we start with the second Georgia so far. Georgia Potter, A 21 year old soul singer from Brisbane with a simply massive voice. The music is full of violins and acoustic guitar, and a few other classical instruments thrown in too that give it a bit of a 60’s vibe, and the end experience is a beatufil, emotional and very soulful ride.

Here is They Were Words:



If Youtube is any indication, then K’naan is by far the most popular artist I’ve showcased thus far. Yet he still manages to be hidden away in the rap/R&B/hip hop scene as far as my eyes can see. Albeit I’m new to this genre, it still astounds me that I’ve never heard of his music before. K’naan is an R&B artist with heavy influences from reggae, rock, pop and to a lesser extent, soul. He sings with meaning and conviction, with a distinct accent, and there is almost visible inspiration throughout.

Here is Wavin’ Flag:



Claude Hay is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. A one man band playing a mixture of roots rock and 80’s dance with a constantly changing voice. It sounds bizarre I agree, and that’s one of two reasons he’s even in here, the second being his absolute brilliance. It’s the John Butler Trio at a disco, and all the funky beats are somehow manging to get along with the soulful slides and sitars. I don’t even know what this is, and frankly I don’t care, it’s a good enough experiece just listening to the man go.

Here is How Can You Live With Yourself:



Behold, the only picture of Auckland band Sci Fi Starland currently on the internet. This band is literally the most obscure I’ve ever seen, I’ve only been able to get a bare foothold of information, and it’s only through blind luck I’ve been able to pluck out a picture and video for them. However, the music is great. It’s quality modern rock, with a droning vocal and a sweet guitar hook. But in my opinion, the most impressive part is the end. The song transforms from a rock song to a ballad midway, and finishes on a slow but undeniably beautiful note.

Here is Pressure:


Rumourtism are the most fantastically named indie rock band from Melbourne. They play hard hitting rock songs, with heavy grunge influences. Even though the guitar is heavy metal styled, Bradlee Jay’s voice somehow makes the music as a whole catchy. There are obvious Silverchair similarities, and their debut single is a bold piece of rock n’ roll music.

Here it is, No Hello:

And that concludes Week 12! Until next time…


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