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Week 14

July 13, 2010

Is extremely late and I apologise. It’s been a busy week for me, between visiting friends and 9 hour shifts. However, it was a fantastic weekend music-wise, with a new record 15 new bands discovered from all around the world.

And we start with English indie band Foals. Foals are an up and coming 5 piece band, and they play a brilliant blend of ambient pop and catchy indie rock. Total Life Forever is their second album and is due to be released May 10th.

Here is This Orient:


Crayon Fields are a pop band from Melbourne, and their music is quintessentially 80’s. And I’m talking about the good kind of 80’s pop, not the trashy one hit wonder side. Reminiscent of Squeeze, Pulp and The Smiths, they still manage to add a fresh sound, despite being a ‘retro’ band as some would say.

Here is Graceless:


Cloud Control are a 4 piece band from the Blue Mountains. Here is a short review:

“We’ve always known Cloud Control had good things going for them: catchy lyrics, great basslines, cool haircuts, surprising harmonies, and heaps of low-key charm – all the ingredients for sold indie gold.”

Here is This Is What I Said:


Temper Trap fans listen up! There is another drum-and-vocal-specialist indie band doing the rounds around town! Motocade were formed in New Zealand in 2003 by lead singer and guitarist Eden Mulholland. Motocade however, are their own band. They seperate themselves from competitors by varying the vocals, swinging from blinding falsetto to rough and edgy chants often.

Here is Oldest Trick In The Book:


Tunng are a folk pop band, fromed in 2003 in London. Tunng started when Sam Genders met Mike Lindsay in Lindsay’s studio in a Soho basement below a clothes shop. They both found that Lindsay’s distinctive way with twinkling sounds and tight production enhanced the folky songs they were both writing to no end, and a signature sound developed. And that sound is a beautiful one, with many harmonies, melodies, and an all around good feeling.

Here is Hustle:


“Botanics are the fabric of Australian music now. Since their debut album release in 2005, these three unique artists from Sydney have been weaving their own thread into not only the Australian hip-hop community , but the wider Australian music family. Jammed full of serious songs hard to come by, and stitched up with a live show second to none, Botanics’ touring and releases have made them a one of a kind act in Australia.”

Here is Once In A Million. It’s not the song I heard on rage, but IMO better showcases the band’s capabilities:


The Spirits are a 4 piece band from Sydney, and they play ethereal music. Guitars echo, revolving like planets. Bass and drums bring thunder and earth. Vocals float, descending only to cut to the point – love and love lost, lightning and caverns, fear, sunshine and the darkness of the sea.

Such emotion, power and epicness hasn’t impacted my ears since The Antlers, and as they were the pick three weeks ago, The Spirits are the pick this week.

Here is The Other Half:

P.S: Their latest EP is currently available for a free download from their myspace page.

Big Scary are anything but big and scary. Originally a hard hitting psychadelic rock duo, they’ve constantly developed, changed and innovated. Currently Tom and Jo play delightful piano pop, with energy, beauty and harmony, music that will put a smile on your face.

Here is Falling Away:


“Ernest Ellis draws a lot of inspiration from the beat poet who took the famous pancake tour of America, Jack Kerouac. That sense of exploration and adventure, and the waywardness of the characters permeates its way through both his music and lyricism.”

And the Sydneysider does it with style. The music is beautiful, dramatic and as natural as his enchanting voice.

Here is Loveless:


The Church Of Hysteria are a ‘shitcore noisepunk’ band from Melbourne. I was unaware such genres existed, let alone the band. And the band itself, I simply don’t know what to make of. It’s two guys screaming into an ocean of fuzz and mellow undertones. I can’t even to begin to understand it, maybe they are stoned 24/7 and it all makes sense to them, but who knows. The point is, that even though I don’t know what the hell is going on, I like it. It’s weird, it’s off beat, it’s incredibly obscure, but it’s awesome at the same time. This is another band you’ll have to listen to and decide for yourself on.

Here is No:


“This fiery-haired, guitar-wielding songstress impresses audiences worldwide with her energetic live shows and refined studio recordings. Sharing stories while she’s on the move between the Australian desert, India, Europe & North America, Aurora Jane’s songs display an insightful global perspective, yet retain a breathtaking intimacy.”

Aurora Jane is a Sydney based funk rock singer who has created three albums, the latest being Deep End released on April 10.

Here is the title track, Deep End:


Fresh out of the Central Coast is Israel Cannan. Only 19 years old, he already has heads turning in the film and music community. With his acoustic guitar by his side, Israel blends old-school rock with a modern day twang. Israel takes the spirit of adventure to the extreme, trekking up, down, around and everywhere else in Australia and busking wherever convenient. It is this spirit, emotion and heart that gives his music power and inspiration. His debut album Walk will be released sometime this year, whenever he feels like it.

Here is One Fine Day:


“They can’t decide if they’re more like The Travelling Wilburys, The Highwaymen or The Three Tenors, but one thing is sure – they’re none of those. They’re Basement Birds, a unique teaming of four of Australia’s premier singer/songwriters within the one group.”

Basement Birds are a newly formed supergroup, whose debut album is currently being made and should hopefully be released sometime this year. The members are: Kayven Temperley, Josh Pyke, Bob Evans and Steve Parkin.

Here is the leading, and so far only single, Waiting For You:


And now it’s time for a band that’s been around for ages…”Young Australians in the early eighties fell in love with the passionate pop-rock songs of the Sunnyboys. The energy and effortless cool of the band, combined with the undeniable song- writing talent of singer/guitarist Jeremy Oxley, created a pool of deliriously happy bodies in pubs and clubs the nation over.”

Although they’ve subsequently fallen under the radar since, I’m sure all the Australian members here will remember this classic, Alone With You:


“The Duke Spirit are a 4 piece band based in London, UK. Their sound incorporates elements of blues-rock, post-punk and the early noise rock and grunge bands of the late 80s and early 90s such as The Pixies.”

Here is The Step And The Walk:


Week 13

July 13, 2010

2 brand spanking new bands, and a couple from a few years ago graced the airwaves over the weekend!


Villagers are an independent Irish band, who play simply beautiful acoustic pop. Formed by lead singer and guitarist Conor J O’Brien, (Who isn’t helping the Irish name stereotypes) Villagers pride themselves on musicianship, great songwriting and intelligent lyricism all delivered through Conor’s smooth and mellow voice. Their debut album is due to be released on the 24th of May

Here is Becoming A Jackal:


Last Dinosaurs are an indie pop band from Brisbane. There’s more of those infectious guitar riffs that I love so much, making the music catchy and fun. I haven’t got much more to say about them, it’s just all round a good fun bit of music!

Here is Honolulu:


The Parlotones are a South African indie rock band, active from 1998 until now. Unlike many indie bands, thier power doesn’t come from the guitar and vocals (Although they are very strong too) but from the drums and bass. These heavy sounds provide the force to the music, and mixed with the other elements, the experience is a rewarding one. There is tension, melody and presence, which makes the band the pick of the night for me.

Here is Life Design:

And as a bonus, here is my favourite song that I’ve heard from them, I’ll Be There:


The Rapture are a new wave band from New York. They were formed in 1998 and have 3 albums to date. Through their massive bass, catchy drums, screeching vocals and use of cowbell, (For which there never seems to be enough, for some reason…) The Rapture produce a funky, punky sound, which I just happen to love. They have all the eccentricity of Talking Heads, and all the electricity of Jane’s Addiction, the result is a fine blend of modern new wave (Or post-punk as some journo’s say) music.

Here is House Of Jealous Lovers: