Week 13

2 brand spanking new bands, and a couple from a few years ago graced the airwaves over the weekend!


Villagers are an independent Irish band, who play simply beautiful acoustic pop. Formed by lead singer and guitarist Conor J O’Brien, (Who isn’t helping the Irish name stereotypes) Villagers pride themselves on musicianship, great songwriting and intelligent lyricism all delivered through Conor’s smooth and mellow voice. Their debut album is due to be released on the 24th of May

Here is Becoming A Jackal:


Last Dinosaurs are an indie pop band from Brisbane. There’s more of those infectious guitar riffs that I love so much, making the music catchy and fun. I haven’t got much more to say about them, it’s just all round a good fun bit of music!

Here is Honolulu:


The Parlotones are a South African indie rock band, active from 1998 until now. Unlike many indie bands, thier power doesn’t come from the guitar and vocals (Although they are very strong too) but from the drums and bass. These heavy sounds provide the force to the music, and mixed with the other elements, the experience is a rewarding one. There is tension, melody and presence, which makes the band the pick of the night for me.

Here is Life Design:

And as a bonus, here is my favourite song that I’ve heard from them, I’ll Be There:


The Rapture are a new wave band from New York. They were formed in 1998 and have 3 albums to date. Through their massive bass, catchy drums, screeching vocals and use of cowbell, (For which there never seems to be enough, for some reason…) The Rapture produce a funky, punky sound, which I just happen to love. They have all the eccentricity of Talking Heads, and all the electricity of Jane’s Addiction, the result is a fine blend of modern new wave (Or post-punk as some journo’s say) music.

Here is House Of Jealous Lovers:


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